Latter-day Saints. They’re everwhere!

My wife went shopping Saturday night and mentioned to me that she ran into one of our former missionaries. (He was assigned to a neighboring ward after teaching us our second lesson.) He was accompanied by the Mission Leader of his ward and the missionary’s companion. She walked up to him as he was saying “hi” to another family. He immediately started to point out about five or six families left and right that were also LDS.

I find humor in this, but also peace and wonder. Peace for knowing that, if needed, we would “bear each other’s burdens.” (Mosiah 18:8) And wonder – seeing how many people are members in our church and how fast it is growing.

This, obviously, is the sign of a true church by the fruit it is bears.

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  1. WOW, It’s true! When I was a brand new convert I went to get my wisdom teeth taken out and I was so scared. Dr. Payne was the surgens name and that did not help my fears! When I met him I had a really good feeling about him. I was telling him I was terrified as he stuck the needle into my arm to “put me out”. He told me It would be ok, and I desperatly wanted to ask him about his belief in God, and How I felt comforted and then…. it was too late, I was out and did not become aware until I was in the car on the way home. A week later I went in for a check up and I still had this feeling about him. But how do you ask your doctor about spiritual beliefs?? As I was waiting I was looking around the room and I looked at his medical degree. I was so excited to see that it was from BYU. I knew what that meant, He HAD to be LDS! WHen he came in I was almost dancing around the room. I was so excited to tell him how I had felt when he was putting me under. It was such a cool experience!

    I love mormons! They are so amazing!

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