The 177th Semiannual General Conference

This weekend was the The 177th Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But this was my first General Conference.

It reminded me of when I was younger and my father used to watch Robert Schuller on TV. I could barely stand being in the same room with this program on. I really thought I wouldn’t be able to watch television for two hours at a time and hear men preach, but this was different. I found it really enjoyable and have taken away a lot from it.

I was also worried about not going to church for the first time since I began attending. It turned out to be just as fulfilling.

Things that stuck out to me this weekend:

  • The way Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin began to shake half way through his powerful message.
  • The general priesthood meeting that I attended at my Stake Center with my friend Joey.
  • Sunday’s session with Gordon B. Hinckley speaking about the church as a large family scattered across the Earth with more than 13,000,000 members in 176 nations and territories.
  • The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
  • They sang “I am a Child of God.” (One of my favorites!)
  • Elder Robert D. Hales of the Quorum of the Twelve speaking about personal revelation.
  • Elder Daniel K. Judd, First Counselor of the Sunday School General Presidency speaking about how it is possible to “feed a horse without nourishing him”…”Grain is more nourishing than hay, and hay more nourishing than straw.” And how vital it is to focus on the fundamental doctrines in our gospel.
  • Elder Octaviano Tenorio of the Seventy and his experiences, knowledge and faith about the Plan of Salvation when speaking about his children and his later father.  And, the comfort he receives from the Plan of Salvation.

While I was invited by my Bishop to actually go to Salt Lake City for the General Conference, I could not go due to financial reasons. Something that I am regretting. I am hoping to have the same opportunity to go to Salt Lake City next April – I am going to go no matter what.

It is amazing to see again and again how organized this great church is. I can clearly see how this church is true by the fruit it bears.

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