The Importance of Going to Church

Two weeks ago, I failed to make it to church. One thing after another, after another compounded and made it impossible for me to go. This was the first time that I missed a church meeting. I remember the moment clearly.

I felt anxious like I was missing something-and I was. The feeling I had was like I was trying to start a car with no gas. It just didn’t work. I felt empty for the remaining of the week. I felt drained. I literally felt my spirituality slipping away.

I looked forward to the next Sabbath all last week. After making it to Church yesterday, it felt like a fresh breath of air. Taking the sacrament to renew my covenants was the best feeling. Last Sunday was Fast and Testimony day as well. Hearing the testimonies of other Church Members literally filled my spiritual reservoir. I really enjoyed the second and third hour classes.

I’ve realized that going to Sacrament, Gospel Essentials class and Elders Quorum is a definite need in my life. This three hour block nourishes my spirit and strengthens my testimony. Anything else that involves the Church or its members is a bonus!

It is true that obedience to Heavenly Father brings joy, peace and happiness.  I can see why Jesus Christ said:

The sabbath was made for man, and not man for the sabbath (Mark 2:27)

What is a Testimony? Meet Don and Betty.

What is Testimony? You could say a testimony is one’s personal knowledge to the truth that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ lives and that Jesus is our Savior and Son of God.

I believe a testimony is a wonderful gift from Heavenly Father. It is my spiritual witness that was given to my by the Holy Ghost. Because of my testimony, I feel immensely loved by a perfect being, by our God.

Testimony is the foundation of our faith. It is like a muscle which we can use to grow spiritually. The more you use it and fall back on it, the stronger it will get. If you do nothing, it will atrophy.

We can also help others gain our strengthen their own testimonies as well by bearing our testimony just as Don and Betty do.