American Idol and No TV

These past two weeks I’ve been extremely busy trying to get things organized at home.  Right now all our TVs are packed away and our internet is seldomly used.  This lends time to sit around, talk and visit with friends and family.  Another thing it does is add a personal touch to home.  Rather than coming home and keeping eachother company while watching TV, we’re keeping each other company!

It even some brings missionary opportunities with my Mother in law, who is staying with me for a few months, that probably would have been harder to come by.

One caveat: I’ve been missing American Idol – but not before I got to see Brooke White audition!


My friend Joey pointed out to me this article from Deseret News today.  There are two LDS singers in American Idol’s top 24.  Including Brooke White, there is also David Archuleta from Salt Lake City, who auditioned in San Diego.

With the top 24 starting, it looks like it is time to hook the TV back up.  But I’m going to try to keep Sundays a non-television day to go along with keeping the Sabbath day holy.  That should be an easy one since we have Tivo.

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  1. What a beautiful example of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the character, attitude and purity of Brooke White. I was really impressed by her and it has really instilled in me a desire to become closer with the teachings I have been taught to embrace in heart and action. I to have felt this ever increasing desire to push the T.V. time aside and to fill it with social interactive time with my wife. On Monday night I was able to do this with reluctance from her at first but after we did it and read scriptures together instead she was really happy that we did this instead.

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