Father’s Day Move

There is a woman in our ward whose husband died a few months ago, leaving behind his wife and two young daughters. The family had additional changes in circumstances after the death of the father that necessitated a move to another state. Unfortunately, the only day on which they could move was a Sunday and not just any Sunday, but Father’s Day.

I will always remember the first counselor in our bishopric standing up in priesthood meeting and saying that there was nothing better we could be doing on Father’s Day than helping a family who has just lost their father. These inspired words touched the hearts of the men in our ward. The evening of Father’s Day found 21 of us at the home of this dear family who were still grieving for their father. There were so many of us that we formed an assembly line and routed boxes and furniture out of the house and into the truck, filling the moving truck in less than a half hour.

Isaiah 1:17 -> “Learn to do well; seek judgment, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.”

I pray that the Lord will bless and comfort this family.

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  1. Very touching, it reminds me of an episode of “Worlds Strictest Parents” where they sent these two teens to an LDS family in Georgia. They were typical punk kids and very negative up until the mother took them to do service at a young single 17 year old girls house where she was a mother of a couple of kids and living in extremely poor conditions. After they were through serving the attitude of these two teens changes dramatically. It’s very inspiring how service on what ever basis has the power to change our attitudes and soften our hearts.



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