A missionary at a moment’s notice

Yesterday, my companion asked me to speak on my experiences of how I was lead to the church. The message the spirit prompted me to give was the importance of every member to be a missionary by leading in example.

My companion spoke afterwards and got a different message about what I spoke about. He pointed out that as I had my friend Mike to make me feel comfortable with the missionaries, his brother had a similar opportunity by passing a young married couple talking to missionaries in a department store parking lot. As he walked by he overheard the unsureness of the young married couple.

He joined the conversation by introducing himself to the young married couple as a member of the church and shortly speaking about how the gospel has helped him raise a large family. He gave his name and number to everyone and let them know that his family was at their disposal if they should need anything.

A few days later, the missionaries called thanking him for taking a minute to help. The missionaries had been out all day and that young married couple had been the first people to agree to hearing more about the gospel.

It just goes to show how mindful we have to be at all times about the fact that there are people waiting to hear the gospel, but don’t know where to start or do not feel comfortable without a little help.

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