Fortify Yourselves with Daily Gems

Every morning when I arrive at work, I cannot wait to see what is in my email box. Over a month ago, my ward mission leader forwarded me a “daily gem” and suggested that I sign up for it. I did and I am glad. They offer inspiration and help me increase my gospel knowledge on a variety of subjects.

I find that the small emails I receive (Daily Gems, Family Gems, Church History Gems) remind me of the greater picture of life. Of course I should concentrate on my work during the day, but I try to take what I find in the daily gems and be mindful to apply it in my life from that point on.

A daily gem I received on Friday really helped me:

The Great and Wonderful Love

“If you have any thoughts and feelings [of inadequacy and guilt], I invite you to become as a little child and feel again ‘the great and wonderful love made manifest by the Father and the Son in the coming of the Redeemer into the world’ (D&C 138:3). Childlike faith in the perfect love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will ‘divide asunder’ (Helaman 3:29) Satan’s snares of inadequacy, imperfection, and guilt.”

My recent feelings of inadequacy and short-comings all went away. It let me realize that I am not a perfect being. It let me realize that at times, I will come up short, but as long as I keep trying it is OK. The point is to keep trying and to grow bit by bit everyday. It let me realize what a gift the atonement is.


You can sign up for Daily Gems Here:

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  1. Because of the gospel I have learned how to be a good mother and a good wife. Two years ago I was walking blindly, now i have direction! I need to be more diligent in reading the scriptures with my children, thank you for that reminder 🙂

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