The Church Addresses Politics on YouTube

It’s been an interesting few weeks for the Church! With Mitt Romney going for President, there has been a spotlight on the Church and its members.

It looks like the Church released four videos touching on the subject of politics on YouTube. Elder M. Russell Ballard and Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles appear in these videos and answer questions people may have on their mind.

What Does Church Political Neutrality Mean for Mormons?

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“Be involved, but don’t look at the Church to direct you as to how to be involved.”

Why Should Mormons Participate in the Political Process?


“The very fundemental principal of freedom is absolutely essential for the gospel of Jesus Christ to propser.”

What is the Civic Duty of Mormons?


“The Civic Duty of any Latter Day Saint…is to be actively involved in the political process”

Are Mormon Politicians Directed By Church Leadership?


“We have a long record in the Church of not interferring with public officials…Politcal Candidates understand that. They don’t ever come to the Church and say ‘What Do I do?'”

You can see additional videos by visiting their profile on YouTube.

Click here to view the Official Church Profile.

2 Replies to “The Church Addresses Politics on YouTube”

  1. “We have Republican and Democrats and Independents and so forth,” said Elder Ballard. We also have anarchists among us, such as moi, what4anarchy, quantumsaint, William Vanwagenen and others. So, does this mean that I ought to be actively promoting anarchy among the people? I wonder what Elders Ballard and Cook would say to the anarchists among us? Would we receive the same council as the Republicans, Democrats and Independents among us?

  2. LDS Anarchist,

    Use your freedom and agency to do as you will according to your own conscious. I’ve read your blog and found you bring a fresh perspective. I especially enjoy your scriptural discussions and posts on Plasma Theology.

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