What are the Blessings of the Temple?

The blessings of attending the temple are set forth in Section 109 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Those who attend the temple worthily and participate in the ordinances there have the following blessings promised to them:

1)      They will feel the power of the Lord (verse 13)

2)      They will be taught words of wisdom out of the best books (verse 14)

3)      They will learn by study and also by faith (verse 14)

4)      They will grow up unto the Lord (verse 15)

5)      They will receive a fullness of the Holy Ghost (verse 15)

6)      They will be prepared to receive every needful thing (verse 15)

7)      Blessings will be poured out upon them (verse 21)

8)      The glory of the Lord shall be round about them (verse 22)

9)      Angels shall have charge over them (verse 22)

10)   No weapon formed against them shall prosper (verse 25)

11)   He who digs a pit for them shall fall in the same pit himself (verse 25)

12)   No combination of wickedness shall overcome them (verse 26)

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