The 179th Semiannual General Conference: Kent D. Watson Talk

Saturday Session 2, Talk 5 – Kent D. Watson, of the Seventy

My Notes:

  • Talks on Temperance
  • Do not be lifted up.
  • Be Patient in all things
  • Carefully examine our expectations and desires.
  • Be diligent and patient in seeking righteous goals.
  • Told a story about a wheel hitting his car’s windshield. He was covered in glass but had not a scratch because of the tempered glass. Tempered glass, like steel, goes under a heating process that increases stress. When tempered glass is under stress, it will not easy break into shards that can injured. Tempered soul, which is humble and full of love has increased strength. With increased spiritual strength, we develop self mastery and to live with moderation. Control, temper, vanity and pride. With increased spiritual strength, we protect our selves of dangerous excesses and destructive additions of today’s world.